Is the MacBook Pro waterproof or not?

The water resistance of the MacBook Pro is a common question for consumers looking to purchase one of these popular laptops. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll analyze the MacBook Pro’s waterproof capabilities and help you understand exactly how water-resistant this laptop really is.

Can the MacBook Pro Get Wet?

The short answer is yes, the MacBook Pro can get wet to some degree without causing damage. However, it is not fully waterproof and there are limitations to its water resistance capabilities.

Apple does not advertise the MacBook Pro as a waterproof laptop. So you should not intentionally expose it to water. However, the MacBook Pro keyboard is designed to withstand small liquid spills. And the rest of the laptop housing provides some water resistance as well.

During everyday use, minor water exposure like a small splash or light dripping should not permanently damage your MacBook Pro. However, extended exposure to water can still risk corrosion or short circuiting of internal components.

MacBook Pro Water Resistance Features

While not waterproof, the MacBook Pro has a few key features that improve its ability to withstand water exposure:

  • The keyboard has a thin rubber membrane under the keys to block minor spills from reaching the internal electronics.
  • Adhesive seals around the housing help keep water out of the inner chassis.
  • The ports use plastic housing and drainage tunnels to route moisture away from openings.

Additionally, Apple indicates the MacBook Pro has undergone some degree of water resistance testing during development. But the company does not provide any official waterproof rating for the laptop.

Water Damage Risks

Despite the keyboard and housing protections, the MacBook Pro still carries substantial risk when exposed to water, including:

  • Corrosion – Extended moisture exposure can still cause corrosion of metallic internal components over time, leading to degradation and eventual failure.
  • Short circuiting – If a significant amount of water gets into the inner electronics, it can immediately short circuit and fry components.
  • Display damage – The screen and backlight are vulnerable to water damage and can begin to fail if moisture seeps into the display housing.
  • Port malfunction – Water exposure can prevent ports from properly recognizing cables and accessories.

Is the MacBook Pro Touch Bar Waterproof?

No, the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro models is not waterproof. The Touch Bar sits above the keyboard and has complex electronics with a touchscreen surface. Water exposure can easily damage the Touch Bar display or internal components.

The Touch Bar does not benefit from the same keyboard protections against water. Even small amounts of moisture on the Touch Bar surface can cause erroneous inputs and touch errors. Larger spills that reach under the Touch Bar could permanently destroy its functionality.

Liquid Spill Repair and Replacement Cost

If your MacBook Pro does suffer water damage, you will likely need professional repair service. The costs vary based on the severity and components affected:

Repair Type Average Cost
Keyboard replacement $400
Logic board repair $500
Full device replacement $1300

Liquid damage is not covered under Apple’s standard 1-year limited warranty. AppleCare+ extended warranty includes 2 lower-cost accidental damage repairs, which may cover water damage.

Best Practices to Keep Your MacBook Pro Dry

While the MacBook Pro has some built-in protections, you should still be careful to keep it away from moisture. Follow these best practices to avoid water damage:

  • Keep drinks away from your laptop to prevent spilling.
  • Do not use the laptop in wet environments like poolsides.
  • Immediately dry off any moisture that gets on the housing or keyboard.
  • Do not submerge any part of the laptop or use high-pressure streams of water to clean it.
  • Carry your MacBook Pro in a waterproof case or bag when traveling in rainy or snowy weather.
  • Shut down and let the laptop dry out for at least 24 hours if it gets very wet before turning it on again to avoid short circuiting.

Is the MacBook Pro Waterproof Compared to Other Laptops?

The MacBook Pro offers slightly better water resistance than many other consumer laptop models on the market. But many premium ultrabooks and gaming laptops now also come with similar keyboard membranes and housing seals to withstand minor spills.

Some of the most water-resistant laptops include:

  • Dell XPS – Matching spill resistance keyboard and drainage system as MacBook Pro.
  • HP Envy – Built-in spill-resistant keyboard with drainage and corrosion-resistant coating.
  • Lenovo ThinkPad – Commercial models are tested against water jets and splashes.
  • Acer Predator – Some models have drainage channels and hydrophobic coatings on the ports and fans.

Overall, no standard consumer laptop models are fully waterproof, but many now provide at least minor liquid spill protection. For usage in wet conditions, look for more rugged and waterproof models rated to IPX5 or IPX7 standards.

Are Any MacBook Models Waterproof?

Currently, no MacBook models are fully waterproof out of the box. However, some rugged third-party cases are designed to add waterproofing capabilities to MacBook laptops.

For example, the Catalyst Waterproof Case provides an IP67 rating on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. When used with the case, the laptop can be submerged in water up to 3 feet deep for up to 30 minutes without leakage inside the housing.

Other waterproof case options for various MacBook models include:

  • UXsic Hard Shell Waterproof Case
  • Mosiso Water Repellent Neoprene Sleeve
  • Tigadu Shockproof Hard Case
  • i-Blason Rugged Protective Case

The right protective case can let you safely use your MacBook around water. But without a waterproof case, no Apple laptop models are fully submersible or should be exposed to more than minor splashes and spills.

Waterproof Skin Overlays

For additional water protection, some companies offer skin overlays that cover just the top keyboard deck of MacBook models. These provide an extra barrier against spills directly on the keyboard and Touch Bar. Some popular options are:

  • Keyboard Skin by SkinIt
  • Kuzy Keyboard Cover Skin
  • Vinve Keyboard Cover for MacBook Pro

However, these skins only provide splash protection and do not make the entire laptop submersible. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on proper installation for full effectiveness.


In summary, the MacBook Pro has water resistance features but is not fully waterproof. Minor splashes and spills on the keyboard should not cause damage. But extended liquid exposure can still risk component corrosion and failure over time.

To keep your MacBook Pro working safely:

  • Avoid exposing it to moisture and wet environments.
  • Promptly dry any water that gets on the housing or keyboard.
  • Do not intentionally submerge the laptop even briefly.
  • Consider using a waterproof case or skin when using the laptop where spills are likely.
  • Follow best practices to keep drinks away from your MacBook Pro.

While not invincible against water damage, the MacBook Pro is reasonably tolerant to small spills and splashes. But ultimately it is not waterproof, so you still need to take precautions to keep this laptop dry for reliable long-term use.

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