What company restores data on SD card?

When important photos, videos, documents, or other files are accidentally deleted or lost from an SD memory card, many people want to know what company can help restore that data. There are a few leading options for SD card data recovery services that have helped thousands of customers rescue their lost files.

What causes data loss on SD cards?

There are several common causes of data loss or deletion on SD cards:

  • Accidental deletion – Files may be erased inadvertently by the user.
  • Corruption – The card or files on the card become corrupted due to damage, unreadable.
  • Physical damage – Dropping or bending the card can make data inaccessible.
  • Improper ejection – Removing the card from a device before ejecting can lead to data loss.
  • Format – The card is formatted, wiping all data.
  • Virus or malware – Malicious software corrupts or deletes data.

When any of these issues occur, the photos, videos, documents, and other personal or work files on the SD card may seem to vanish. But specialized companies have the expertise to restore deleted or lost data in many cases.

What qualifies a company for SD card recovery?

For the best chances of recovering your lost SD card data, you want to look for a company with these key qualifications:

  • Experienced – Many years handling SD card and data recovery specifically.
  • Reputable – Known for integrity and reliability among customers.
  • High recovery rate – Able to restore data in the vast majority of cases.
  • Security – Your data is kept safe and confidential during the process.
  • Affordable pricing – Reasonable costs compared to competitors.
  • Good customer service – Responsive and helpful communication.

You want to trust a company that check these boxes to get back lost photos, files, and other important data from your damaged, corrupted, or deleted SD card.

Top 3 Companies for SD Card Recovery

Based on reputation, capabilities, and track records of success, three companies stand out for reliably restoring lost data from SD cards.

1. Secure Data Recovery

With over 25 years in the industry, Secure Data Recovery is widely considered one of the most trusted and capable SD card and digital media recovery services worldwide. They invest heavily in R&D and employ experienced engineers and technicians to continually advance their recovery methods.

Secure Data Recovery maintains Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom facilities and uses proprietary techniques and advanced tools to rescue data from storage devices that seem beyond repair. For SD cards, they boast a 97% success rate for restoring photos, videos, documents, and other file types.

The company offers free evaluations, expedited services if needed, and reasonable pricing scaled to the storage capacity of the SD card. They have helped over 500,000 clients recover precious lost data. Secure Data Recovery provides a fast turnaround, responsive customer support, and handles your SD card with the utmost security throughout the recovery process.

2. Recover Data

In business for over two decades, Recover Data has rescued important files for thousands who feared their data was gone forever. Their SD card recovery services use state-of-the-art tools and technology to extract lost or deleted data.

Recover Data takes precautions to prevent further data loss during the recovery procedure. Their technicians assess the card to determine the most effective customized process for restoring your photos, videos, documents, and other data lost due to accidental deletion, corruption, or damage.

The company offers affordable pricing suitable for all budgets. They also provide a free pickup and delivery service to handle your SD card with care. Recover Data maintains high standards for responsiveness, transparency, and security for all clients requiring SD card data recovery.

3. DataRescue

Trusted for over 30 years, DataRescue has recovered terabytes of critical data believed to be lost forever. Their high success rates consistently place them among the best SD card and storage media recovery services worldwide.

DataRescue uses proprietary techniques to rescue damaged, corrupted, or deleted files from SD cards and other devices. Each SD card undergoes a full evaluation process to determine the optimal approach to safely restore your data.

Certified engineers conduct all recoveries in secure cleanroom facilities. DataRescue also offers remote recovery options after assessing your SD card. Competitive pricing and impressive customer support make them a trusted choice for individuals and businesses alike.

What to look for in an SD card recovery company

If evaluating other providers beyond these top recommendations, keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Skilled engineers and techs experienced in SD card data recovery specifically.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and facilities to conduct recoveries.
  • High success rates based on past client results.
  • Reasonable prices and various service tiers.
  • Quick turnaround to get your data back fast.
  • Strong security protocols to protect personal/client data.
  • ISO certification for adherence to best practices.
  • Positive customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Responsive, transparent communication.

Research the company thoroughly, and only consider those that instill confidence they can safely restore your lost SD card data based on their capabilities, track record and client reviews.

How SD Card Recovery Works

Recovering lost or deleted data from an SD card involves careful processes performed by trained specialists. Here is a general overview of what you can expect when you engage an SD card recovery service:

  1. Initial evaluation – The SD card is inspected to determine issues and optimal recovery methods.
  2. Imaging – A sector-by-sector identical copy of the card is made for the recovery process.
  3. Analysis – Engineers use proprietary tools to extract recoverable data from the card image.
  4. Recovery – Your rescued photos, videos, documents and other files are organized for return.
  5. Final verification – You preview the restored data before it’s delivered to confirm recovery is complete.

Recoveries for minor data loss can sometimes be performed remotely after the SD card image is securely transmitted to the specialist. But major recovery cases typically require a secure lab environment to prevent any additional data degradation or loss.

How long does SD card data recovery take?

The length of the recovery process depends on several factors:

  • Capacity of the SD card.
  • Type and extent of damage or corruption.
  • Amount of data to restore.
  • Whether expedited services are requested.

Most SD card recoveries can be completed between 2 days to a week. Expedited services for urgent cases are generally available for an extra fee, bringing turnaround times down to 1 day or less in some situations.

Complex recoveries involving greater data loss require more time. But reputable companies work swiftly and keep clients updated on status throughout until your files are restored.

How much does SD card data recovery cost?

SD card recovery costs vary between companies and specific cases. But most will price services based on factors like:

  • Amount of recoverable data.
  • Complexity of work involved.
  • Brand and capacity of the SD card.
  • Type of damage sustained.
  • Requested turnaround time.

Many companies offer free initial assessments and quotes. Average costs often range from $100 to $1500 based the above variables. Lower capacity cards requiring minor recovery work might cost a few hundred dollars. High capacity cards with lots of complex data loss may cost over $1000.

The value of personal photos and videos alone often makes the expense worthwhile for most clients. Also consider the high costs of reshooting lost media or regenerating other files. So the reasonable pricing of most SD card recovery services delivers immense value.

How to avoid needing data recovery

While reputable companies can rescue lost SD card data in many cases, prevention is always best to avoid needless loss. Follow these tips:

  • Be careful when deleting files or formatting cards.
  • Eject properly before removing the card.
  • Don’t expose cards to moisture, heat, or bending.
  • Use quality name brand SD cards.
  • Store cards safely in cases when not in use.
  • Frequently backup irreplaceable data to other locations.
  • Use antivirus software and avoid suspicious downloads.
  • Handle and store the card carefully to prevent physical damage.

Can lost data be recovered from a formatted SD Card?

Yes, data can often still be recovered after an SD card is accidentally or intentionally formatted. The formatting process does not completely overwrite or erase all data. It mainly just removes the card’s directory structure and marks space as available for new data.

A quality SD card recovery specialists can still extract photos, videos, documents and other files using proprietary recovery techniques to rebuild the card’s directory and uncover preserved data. The only exception is a full card format which overwrites all data space, which is less common.


Losing important files due to accidental deletion, corruption or damage to an SD card can be devastating. But renowned SD card recovery companies have extensive experience rescuing data and getting treasured photos, videos, documents and more back into the proper hands.

Leaders like Secure Data Recovery, Recover Data, and DataRescue use state-of-the-art tools and top talent to restore data loss quickly, affordably and securely in the vast majority of cases. Their high success rates and satisfied clients make them premier options to turn to when critical SD card data seems lost forever.