What is HP Device Recovery Service?

HP Device Recovery Service is a built-in utility that allows users to restore their HP devices back to factory settings. This service can be useful when a device is experiencing software issues or sluggish performance, and resetting it can often resolve these problems. Here are some quick answers to common questions about HP Device Recovery Service:

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What does HP Device Recovery Service do?

HP Device Recovery Service resets an HP device back to its original factory settings. This process erases all data and programs that have been added to the device and reinstalls the original operating system, drivers, and HP software.

Why would I use HP Device Recovery Service?

There are a few common scenarios in which HP Device Recovery Service can be useful:

  • You’re experiencing technical issues or sluggish performance that troubleshooting has not resolved.
  • You want to wipe all personal data off the device before selling or disposing of it.
  • You forgot the password and cannot access the device.

Resetting the device to factory settings often resolves software issues and performance problems. It also securely erases all of your data for transfer of ownership.

How do I access HP Device Recovery Service?

The steps to access HP Device Recovery Service may vary slightly depending on the model, but generally involve:

  1. Restart your HP device and press the F11 key while the HP logo appears.
  2. Select the System Recovery option.
  3. Choose your preferred recovery method (e.g. System Recovery).
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process.

What will HP Device Recovery Service delete?

HP Device Recovery Service resets the device to factory settings, which means:

  • All user-generated data, such as documents, photos, music, and other personal files, will be deleted.
  • Any software installed after purchase, including application downloads and Windows updates, will be removed.
  • All customized settings and any changes made to apps or system preferences will be reset.

In summary, any changes made from the original factory settings will be wiped clean. The device will be restored to its original out-of-box state.

Can I backup data before using HP Device Recovery Service?

Yes, it is recommended that you backup any important data prior to using HP Device Recovery Service. You can backup files by:

  • Copying files to an external hard drive, USB drive, or cloud storage.
  • Using HP Recovery Manager to create recovery media that stores user data.
  • Manually backing up software and drives.

Backing up data ensures you have copies of your important files before they are deleted in the reset process.

Will I need to reinstall programs after using HP Device Recovery Service?

Yes, you will need to reinstall any software programs, apps, and operating system updates that were installed after the initial purchase. HP Device Recovery Service wipes the device completely clean, so everything will need to be reinstalled and set up again.

Is HP Device Recovery Service the same as a factory reset?

Yes, HP Device Recovery Service performs essentially the same function as a factory reset. It erases all data, resets software and settings, and reinstalls the original factory image. The end result is the same – the device is restored to original factory conditions.

Does HP Device Recovery Service securely erase data?

Yes, HP Device Recovery Service should perform a full format of the hard drive, securely erasing all user data in the process. However, for maximum security, you may want to use a third-party disk wiping utility before resetting.

Can I use HP Device Recovery Service if I replaced my hard drive?

If you replaced the original hard drive, HP Device Recovery Service will not work as it relies on a recovery partition stored on the original drive. You would need to either insert the original hard drive or use HP Recovery Media if available.

Will I need recovery media to use HP Device Recovery Service?

Most HP devices do not require separate recovery media to use HP Device Recovery Service, as the recovery image is stored on a partition on the hard drive. However, some models may require recovery discs or a USB flash drive, so check your device documentation to confirm.

Can I recover to an earlier version of Windows?

Unfortunately, HP Device Recovery Service can only restore the original version of Windows and software that came with your device. You cannot revert back to an earlier Windows version using this utility.


In summary, HP Device Recovery Service is an inbuilt recovery tool that resets HP devices back to original factory settings. It can help resolve software issues and securely erase data before transferring device ownership. The recovery process deletes all user data, programs, and customizations, returning the device to its out-of-box state. Backing up important data before resetting is recommended. Overall, HP Device Recovery Service provides an accessible and convenient way to restore HP devices to their factory defaults.

Pros Cons
Resolves many technical issues and improves sluggish performance Permanently deletes all user data and customizations
Resets all software and settings to default Requires reinstalling software and apps
Securely erases data before transferring device May not work if hard drive was replaced
Accessible recovery option built into HP devices Can only restore to original factory settings

Related Questions

How long does HP Device Recovery Service take to complete?

The recovery process can take 30 minutes to several hours depending on the storage capacity, device model, and connection speed. Be prepared for it to run for a while.

Does HP Device Recovery work on laptops, desktops, or both?

HP Device Recovery Service works on both HP laptops and desktops. As long as the device has the partition storing the recovery image, the recovery utility can be used.

What happens if HP Device Recovery fails?

If the automatic recovery process fails or is interrupted, you may need to restart it or use HP Recovery Media if available. If not, you will need professional data recovery services to attempt to access the partition and restore the device.

Can I customize the recovery image before resetting?

Unfortunately no, the recovery image cannot be customized. HP Device Recovery will completely restore the original factory image without option for changes.

Will I need to activate Windows again after using recovery service?

Yes, you will need to reactivate Windows after completing the reset, as the device will appear as a new PC to Microsoft activation servers.

Can I use HP Device Recovery if I don’t know the admin password?

You can access the recovery options before Windows boots, so not knowing the admin password will not prevent you from using HP Device Recovery Service.

Is it better to use HP recovery media instead?

If you have HP Recovery Media, it provides more flexibility than HP Device Recovery built into the device. But if not available, the built-in recovery service is the most convenient option.

What should I do before using HP Device Recovery Service?

Before resetting, backup any important data, delete unnecessary files to speed up recovery, close open programs, and plug into AC power. This helps ensure the process completes smoothly.

Can I recover individual programs or drivers rather than the full device?

No unfortunately HP Device Recovery performs a complete reset only. You cannot selectively recover only certain software or components using this service.

Does HP Device Recovery work if my computer cannot boot?

Yes, you can still access HP recovery options by restarting and pressing F11 before Windows starts to boot. So it can be used even if Windows is corrupted.

Will I lose any license keys or product IDs after recovering?

Any license keys, product IDs or activation codes stored locally on the device will be lost after recovery. Make sure you have them backed up elsewhere.

Can I use HP Device Recovery on a Mac?

No, HP Device Recovery Service only works on HP Windows devices. It is not designed for use on Mac devices.

What type of recovery file format does HP Device Recovery use?

HP devices typically use .WIM (Windows Imaging Format) files for the recovery image stored on the partition.

Does HP Device Recovery work on Linux-based devices?

Unfortunately no, HP Device Recovery is designed for use on Windows only. Linux-based HP devices would need to use another recovery method.

Can HP Device Recovery fix hardware issues?

No, HP Device Recovery can only fix software-related issues by resetting the device to factory condition. It cannot resolve any hardware problems or component failures.

Will I need to update Windows after performing recovery?

Yes, make sure to update Windows and drivers to the latest versions after completing the device reset process.

Can I use HP Device Recovery to roll back from Windows 11 to 10?

No, you can only restore to the original OS version that came with the device. Rolling back requires a separate Windows recovery image.

Does HP Device Recovery work if I replaced the hard drive?

No, if you replaced the original hard drive, HP Device Recovery will not work since it relies on the recovery partition on that specific drive.

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