What places can unlock a locked iPhone?

If you have a locked iPhone that you can’t access, you may be wondering where you can go to get it unlocked. There are a few options for getting an iPhone unlocked, depending on your specific circumstances.

Apple Store

One option for unlocking an iPhone is to take it to an Apple store. The Apple store can unlock an iPhone as long as you can provide proof of purchase and the original owner’s Apple ID and password. Here’s a quick rundown of how the Apple store can unlock iPhones:

  • You’ll need to book an appointment at the Genius Bar section of the Apple store. This allows a technician to assist you.
  • When you go in for your appointment, you’ll need to provide proof that you own the locked iPhone. This can include the original purchase receipt, warranty info, or anything with the device’s IMEI or serial number.
  • If you don’t have proof of purchase, the technician will need the original owner’s Apple ID and password to verify ownership and unlock the device.
  • There is usually no charge for this service as long as you book a Genius Bar appointment and provide the necessary verification details.

In summary, the Apple store can unlock a locked iPhone as long as you have proof you own it or the original owner’s account details. The service is free with a Genius Bar appointment.

Apple Authorized Service Providers

Apple Authorized Service Providers are repair shops that are certified by Apple to work on their products. Many of these providers can also unlock locked iPhones.

The process is similar to using the Apple store:

  • Call ahead and ask the service provider if they offer iPhone unlocking services.
  • Make an appointment and take the locked iPhone in.
  • Provide proof of purchase or the original owner’s Apple ID and password.
  • There is usually a small fee for this service – anywhere from $25 to $100.

The benefit of using an authorized service provider is that you may be able to get an appointment faster than the Apple store. The downside is you’ll likely have to pay a fee.

Third-party unlocking services

There are many third-party unlocking services available, especially online. These services can unlock your iPhone remotely or provide the necessary unlock code.

Here’s how third-party iPhone unlocking usually works:

  • Search for “iPhone unlocking service” online to find a provider.
  • Contact them and provide your iPhone details (model, IMEI, etc).
  • Pay their quoted service fee, which can range from $10 to $100.
  • They will either remotely unlock your iPhone or provide an unlock code.
  • Follow their instructions to complete the unlock process.

The benefits of using a third-party service are convenience and usually lower cost. The risk is that not all unlocking services are reputable or offer permanent unlocks.

Carrier Unlocking

If your iPhone is locked to a certain carrier, you may be able to request that carrier to unlock it from their network.

Here’s what’s involved with carrier unlocking:

  • Contact your cell phone carrier and ask about their official iPhone unlock policy.
  • There will likely be certain requirements, like having had active service with them for a certain time period (typically 40-60 days).
  • If you meet their policy requirements, you can request that they process an official carrier unlock.
  • This allows you to use that iPhone on other carrier networks.
  • Most carriers will unlock devices for current and former customers free of charge.

Carrier unlocking should always be your first option if your iPhone is locked. Only use a third-party service if your carrier is unable or unwilling to unlock your device.

DIY Unlocking Methods

There are Do-It-Yourself methods for unlocking an iPhone as well. These involve using specialized unlocking software or services.

Some examples of DIY unlocking include:

  • Unlock code services – These allow you to get the iPhone’s official unlock code which can be entered to unlock it.
  • Jailbreaking – This hacks the iPhone’s firmware to remove carrier locks.
  • IMEI unlocks – Some services claim they can generate or repair an IMEI to unlock it.

The main risk with DIY unlocks is that they violate Apple’s terms of service and may result in an unstable or insecure device. They should only be attempted as a last resort.


To summarize, here are the main options for unlocking a locked iPhone:

  • Apple Store – Free with proof of purchase or owner’s Apple ID
  • Authorized Service Providers – Small fee, $25-$100
  • Third Party Unlocking Services – Convenient but not always reputable, $10-$100 fee
  • Carrier Unlocking – Free for eligible customers of that carrier
  • DIY Methods – Risky and violate Apple policies, free or low cost

Your best options are to try the Apple store or your carrier first for free unlocks. Paying a authorized service shop is the next best bet. Only use third-party or DIY options if the above are unavailable or unsuccessful.

With the right information and service provider, it is possible to safely unlock your iPhone and regain access to it.

Unlock Method Pros Cons
Apple Store Free service with proof of purchase or owner’s Apple ID May need appointment and wait time
Authorized Service Providers Faster service than Apple store Small unlocking fee required
Third Party Services Convenient and affordable Varying reliability
Carrier Unlocking Free with eligible service history Requirements vary by carrier
DIY Methods Low or no cost options High risk, voids Apple policies

General Tips for Unlocking an iPhone

  • Back up your data first before attempting any unlock method.
  • Know your iPhone’s model, IMEI number, serial number and carrier details.
  • Reset or restore your iPhone to factory defaults before the unlock process.
  • Read reviews and look for complaints before choosing any third party service.
  • Use official Apple options like the store or carrier first when possible.

Unlocking a locked iPhone takes some effort but is often possible with the right approach. Do your research and use reputable methods only to safely regain access to your device and data.