Why did Apple Music delete all the songs in my playlist?

Losing all of the music in your Apple Music playlist can be incredibly frustrating. As an Apple Music subscriber, you’ve likely spent time carefully curating playlists of your favorite songs only to have them mysteriously disappear. Unfortunately, this is a common problem that many Apple Music users face. The good news is that in most cases, it is possible to recover or restore your lost Apple Music playlists. Here are some quick answers to common questions about disappearing Apple Music playlists:

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What causes Apple Music playlists to be deleted?

There are a few potential reasons why an Apple Music playlist may be emptied of all its songs:

  • Apple Music subscription expired – If your subscription ends, you lose access to downloaded and/or saved music.
  • Log out and log back in – Playlists may disappear if you inadvertently log out and back in.
  • Syncing issues – Problems syncing playlists between devices can lead to erased playlists.
  • Corrupt data – Glitches in the app or corrupted local data can wipe out playlists.
  • Updating iOS – Updating your iPhone/iPad’s iOS can sometimes wipe local Apple Music data.

My Apple Music subscription is still active. Why did my playlists disappear?

If your Apple Music subscription is still valid and active, there are a couple reasons your local playlists may have been deleted:

  • You recently logged out of Apple Music and logged back in, which erased cached playlist data.
  • A glitch occurred while syncing between devices that caused playlists to be deleted.
  • A bug in the app or corrupted local data wiped out your saved playlists.

How can I recover or restore my deleted Apple Music playlists?

If your playlists disappeared, don’t panic yet. Here are some ways you may be able to recover or restore them:

  • Check your Recently Deleted playlist – Apple Music has an auto-generated playlist called Recently Deleted that holds deleted songs for up to 30 days. Your playlist tracks may be in there.
  • Sync your devices – Syncing your iPhone/iPad to your computer can potentially restore missing playlists through iTunes backups.
  • Contact Apple Support – Reach out to Apple and explain playlists disappeared. They may be able to restore from a previous backup.
  • Use iPhone data recovery software – Apps like iMyFone D-Back can scan your device and recover missing Apple Music playlists.

What are some common causes of Apple Music playlists disappearing?

Below are some of the most common triggers that can lead to Apple Music playlists being wiped clean of all their songs:

Apple Music Subscription Expired

If your Apple Music subscription ends because you cancelled or failed to renew, you’ll lose access to all downloaded and saved Apple Music content. Any playlists you’ve made will be completely erased if the subscription lapses. To avoid this, make sure to renew Apple Music before the renewal date.

Logging Out and Back Into Apple Music

Simply logging out of Apple Music and then logging back in can inadvertently wipe out downloaded and stored playlists. This is because it resets cached Apple Music data on your device. To be safe, make sure not to log out unless absolutely necessary.

Syncing Issues Between Devices

Many users save Apple Music playlists on multiple devices. Problems with syncing between an iPhone, iPad, and computer can lead to playlists being deleted. Glitches during syncing may remove playlists on one or more devices.

Corrupted Local Data

In some cases, bugs or glitches in the Apple Music app may randomly corrupt local data on your device. If the data storing your Apple Music playlists becomes corrupted, it can result in the loss of some or all of your playlists. Restarting and reinstalling the app may fix data corruption issues.

Updating iOS

Updating your iPhone or iPad’s iOS version can sometimes result in the loss of locally saved Apple Music playlists. Playlists may disappear after updating iOS due to bugs or compatibility issues with the Music app data. Be sure to back up your device before updating iOS.

How can I restore my Apple Music playlists if they disappeared?

If you open Apple Music and see all your carefully crafted playlists have vanished, try these playlist recovery options:

Check the Recently Deleted Playlist

Apple Music has an auto-generated playlist called Recently Deleted that includes any songs you’ve recently removed. It holds these for up to 30 days before permanent deletion. Go to this playlist and see if your missing tracks are still there, and simply add them back to your playlists.

Sync with iTunes on Computer

Syncing your iPhone or iPad to iTunes on a computer may restore missing playlists through previous iTunes backups. Connect to your computer via USB cable, open iTunes, select your device, and click Restore Backup. This will restore your device from the latest backup.

Contact Apple Support

Reach out to Apple Support via phone, chat, email, or social media. Explain that your Apple Music playlists mysteriously disappeared and ask if they can restore them from a backup or cloud data. An Apple rep may be able to recover deleted playlist data.

Use iPhone Data Recovery Software

As a last resort, you can use iOS data recovery apps like iMyFone D-Back or EaseUS MobiSaver to scan your iPhone or iPad and recover lost Apple Music playlists. These tools can retrieve missing data even without a backup.

How can I prevent Apple Music playlists from disappearing in the future?

Once you’ve restored your missing Apple Music playlists, follow these tips to avoid losing them again:

  • Renew Apple Music subscription on time
  • Back up iPhone/iPad regularly
  • Avoid logging out of Apple Music
  • Turn off auto-sync between devices
  • Update iOS with care and back up first
  • Use a playlist backup app like Stamp

Keep Apple Music Subscription Active

Lapsed Apple Music subscriptions will lead to permanent deletion of downloads and playlists. Set calendar reminders for your renewal date so you don’t lose access.

Back Up Your iPhone or iPad

Regularly back up your device to iCloud or iTunes on your computer. Backups store your Apple Music playlists so they can be restored if deleted.

Avoid Logging Out of Apple Music

Only log out of Apple Music if absolutely necessary, as this resets cached data and can delete playlists. Make sure to back up before logging out.

Turn Off Automatic Syncing

Disable automatic Apple Music syncing between devices in settings. Sync issues can wipe playlists from devices. Only manually sync when needed.

Carefully Update iOS

Major iOS updates may impact Apple Music app data. Always back up your device before updating and avoid beta iOS versions.

Use a Playlist Backup App

Apps like Stamp automatically back up your Apple Music playlists so they can easily be restored if lost. Set up automated playlist backups.

What should I do if my Apple Music library is empty?

If all of the Apple Music songs in your library have disappeared, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check for expired subscription – Renew Apple Music if lapsed
  • Log out then log back in – This resets any corrupted data
  • Reinstall the Apple Music app – Reinstall may fix bugs
  • Disable and re-enable iCloud Music Library – Toggle setting off and on
  • Contact Apple support – Explain the issue and seek help restoring your library

Check Apple Music Subscription Status

An expired Apple Music subscription will lead to all downloaded and added songs being removed. Check your status in Settings and renew if needed.

Log Out Then Log Back In

Logging out and back in resets locally cached data, which can resolve app glitches that emptied your library. Make sure to back up first.

Reinstall the Apple Music App

A buggy Apple Music app install can sometimes wipe music libraries. Deleting and reinstalling the app may correct data corruption issues.

Disable then Re-enable iCloud Music Library

Toggle off then on the iCloud Music Library switch in Settings. This reuploads your library data from Apple’s servers.

Contact Apple Support

If you’ve tried the above with no success, reach out to Apple Support. They may be able to restore your library from an iCloud Music backup.

My Apple Music songs keep disappearing from my iPhone. How can I fix this?

If Apple Music tracks keep vanishing from your iPhone’s library, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check available storage space – Low storage can affect downloads
  • Update to latest iOS version – May resolve app glitches
  • Toggle iCloud Music Library off/on – Refreshes music data
  • Disable cellular data for Music app – Cellular issues can impact library
  • Restart iPhone and Apple Music app – Resets any temporary bugs

Check Available iPhone Storage

Limited storage space on your iPhone can cause issues downloading and saving Apple Music songs. Check Settings > General > iPhone Storage to see available space.

Update to the Latest iOS Version

Updating your iPhone’s iOS version may resolve bugs causing Apple Music issues. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to download the latest iOS release.

Toggle iCloud Music Library Off and On

In Settings > Music, turn off iCloud Music Library then turn it back on. This reuploads and refreshes your Music library data.

Disable Cellular Data for Music

Cell connectivity issues could disrupt Apple Music downloads. Try disabling cellular data for the Music app in Settings as a test.

Restart Your iPhone and Music App

A simple restart of your iPhone and the Apple Music app can clear out temporary glitches. Force close the Music app and power cycle your device.

My playlist disappeared from Apple Music. How can I get it back?

If one of your Apple Music playlists suddenly disappears, here are a few ways to try getting it back:

  • Check the Recently Deleted playlist – Deleted tracks are held here temporarily
  • Restore iPhone backup – Can retrieve lost playlist data
  • Sync devices – Syncing can restore missing playlists via backups
  • Contact Apple support – They may be able to restore from an iCloud backup
  • Use data recovery software – Apps can scan device for lost playlist files

Check Recently Deleted Playlist

Apple Music has a “Recently Deleted” playlist holding tracks removed in the past 30 days. See if your playlist songs are still there and add them back.

Restore iPhone Backup

Connect your iPhone to a computer and restore an iTunes or iCloud backup which contains the missing playlist data.

Sync Devices

Sync your iPhone with other devices like an iPad or computer. Syncing can compare backups and restore missing playlists.

Contact Apple Support

Reach out to Apple Support and ask if they can restore your playlist from an iCloud backup. Provide details on missing playlist.

Use Data Recovery Software

As a last resort, use iOS data recovery software to scan for lost playlist files. The playlist may be recovered if not overwritten.

Why do my Apple Music downloads keep deleting themselves?

If Apple Music tracks keep deleting themselves from your devices, here are some potential reasons and fixes:

Apple Music Subscription Expired

An expired subscription will cause all downloads to be removed. Check status in Settings and renew.

Not Enough Storage Space

Limited free space can cause downloads to be deleted. Check storage under Settings > General.

iCloud Music Library Disabled

Downloaded songs may disappear if you turn off iCloud Music Library in Settings.

App or iOS Update Issues

Bugs from an app or iOS update can sometimes delete local Apple Music data. Update software and restart device.

Syncing Problems

Issues syncing content across devices may lead to deleted downloads. Disable auto-sync in Settings.

Corrupted Data

Glitches or corrupted data can wipe downloads. Sign out of Apple Music and sign back in to reset.

How can I recover my lost Apple Music playlist?

If your Apple Music playlist disappeared, here are a few recovery options to restore it:

Restore From iTunes or iCloud Backup

Connect device to computer and restore an iTunes backup, or restore iCloud backup directly. This can retrieve lost playlist data.

Use iPhone Data Recovery Software

Apps like iMyFone D-Back scan your iPhone for residual playlist files and recover them even without a backup.

Check Apple’s Recently Deleted Playlist

Apple Music has a “Recently Deleted” playlist holding tracks removed in the past 30 days. Your playlist may still be recoverable from there.

Contact Apple Support

Reach out to Apple Support and provide playlist details. They may be able restore it from an iCloud Music backup.

Sync Devices Again

Sync your iPhone with other devices which may have the old playlist data still cached.

Recovery Method How It Works
Restore Backup Retrieves playlist from iTunes or iCloud backup
Data Recovery App Scans device for deleted playlist files
Recently Deleted Recovers tracks removed in past 30 days
Contact Apple Support may restore from iCloud backup
Sync Devices Playlists may still exist on synced devices


In summary, Apple Music playlists vanishing is often caused by expired subscriptions, logging out/syncing issues, iOS updates, or corrupted data. To restore missing Apple Music playlists, users can recover from backups, contact Apple support, use data recovery software, check Recently Deleted, and sync devices. To avoid playlists disappearing in the future, keep your Apple Music subscription active, frequently back up your device, avoid logging out of the app, carefully update iOS, and utilize a playlist backup app.

With the right troubleshooting steps and recovery methods, you should be able to get back lost Apple Music playlists and stop them from disappearing again in the future. Just be sure to act quickly when playlists go missing, as the longer you wait the lower your chances of restoring all the lost songs.