Do they have Savers in America?

Savers is a popular thrift store chain that originated in the United Kingdom. With its bright and colorful stores filled with an ever-changing selection of used clothing, accessories, furniture, and home goods offered at bargain prices, Savers has become a go-to destination for thrifty shoppers looking to save money and find hidden treasures. But is Savers only found in the UK, or has this beloved brand made its way across the pond to the United States? Let’s take a closer look at whether you can find Savers thrift stores in America.

The Origins of Savers in the UK

Savers was founded in 1954 in Bristol, England by Doug Anderson. At the time, Anderson was working for Sainsbury’s grocery store when he noticed the large amounts of quality used clothing being donated to charity shops. He saw an opportunity to collect these donations and resell them for a profit, while still keeping prices affordable for shoppers. Anderson opened the first Savers store in Bristol, and it proved immediately successful. By buying in bulk from charities, Savers was able to offer an extensive selection of merchandise while maintaining low prices.

The Savers brand quickly expanded across the UK throughout the 1960s and 70s. Part of the appeal was the “lucky dip” style of thrifting offered by Savers – never knowing what treasures might be found in the piles of changing inventory. By the late 1980s, Savers had become the largest thrift store chain in the UK with over 100 locations.

The Introduction of Savers to the US

With Savers thriving in the UK, expansion to America seemed like the next logical step. In 1991, the first US Savers thrift store was opened in Bellevue, Washington by William A. Smith and David S. Morrison. Smith and Morrison were inspired by the success of Savers in the UK and sought to replicate that prosperity in the United States.

One key difference with Savers US is that it is a for-profit company, rather than being owned by a charity. So while the stores still buy inventory from charities and non-profits, the proceeds go towards growing the business. Initially, Savers expanded primarily on the West Coast before venturing farther inland. In 1999, Savers made its first acquisition by purchasing Value Village, another thriving US thrift store chain.

The Continued Growth of Savers in America

Through additional acquisitions and steady organic growth, Savers continued expanding across the US over the next few decades. Some of the major milestones include:

  • 2002 – Savers opens its 100th US store.
  • 2006 – Savers reaches $1 billion in annual sales.
  • 2010 – Savers acquires Thrift Town, gaining over 100 additional stores.
  • 2015 – The 300th Savers location opens its doors.
  • Today – With around 320 stores in 26 states, Savers is one of the largest for-profit thrift store chains in America.

While not as ubiquitous in the US as its home market of the UK yet, Savers has nevertheless successfully carved out a presence from coast to coast. Its winning formula of discounted prices on donated goods makes Savers a popular shopping place for bargain hunters across America.

The Savers Shopping Experience

Stepping into any Savers store provides a feast for the senses. The sights of the jam-packed racks and shelves brimming with clothing and home goods. The feel of rummaging through piles upon piles of garments and accessories. The smell of gently used items from attics and basements. And the potential for uncovering amazing finds at rock-bottom prices.

Savers stores generally follow a consistent layout with departments including:

  • Clothing – Every type of clothing imaginable for all genders and ages. Racks are freshly stocked each morning.
  • Shoes – Shelves packed with lightly worn footwear. Often brand name at a fraction of retail.
  • Accessories – Belts, scarves, hats, bags, backpacks, wallets, and jewelry.
  • Housewares – Kitchen gadgets, cookware, glassware, appliances, and utensils.
  • Furniture – Sofas, chairs, tables, dressers, shelves, and unique antique pieces.
  • Toys – A wide selection of toys, games, and puzzles for children of all ages.
  • Books – From fiction bestsellers to non-fiction and academic texts. All genres and subjects.
  • Media – CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and video games. Excellent variety here.

The real appeal of shopping at Savers is the opportunity to find unexpected treasures. One visit may yield designer jeans for $10, barely worn boots for $5, or teacups to match your set from home. The next visit a week later will offer up an entirely new set of merchandises to paw through.

Savers Brand Promises

Savers stores are bright, clean, and inviting. Great care is taken to organize merchandise in logical spots. And items are priced to sell quickly. Savers promises customers will experience:

  • Value – Up to 70% off typical thrift store prices. Great bang for your buck.
  • Quality – Gently used, clean merchandise. No items with flaws or defects.
  • Selection – A wide variety of clothing, accessories, housewares, furniture.
  • Freshness – Inventory is constantly refreshed and rotated.
  • Purpose – Proceeds benefit community partners and charities.
  • Sustainability – Keeping used goods out of landfills helps the environment.

The company backs up these brand promises with unique services like its Rewards program where you earn store credit for purchases and referrals. Plus special discount days and sales held regularly. The friendly staff, neat displays, and low prices keep devotees coming back to unlock savings at Savers.

Community Focus

Savers stores aim to be good community partners wherever they are located. The company gives millions annually to support local non-profits. Some examples of outreach include:

  • Holding annual back-to-school donation drives of clothes and supplies for families in need.
  • Running food drives around the holidays to assist area food banks and pantries.
  • Giving coupons and vouchers for free clothing to churches, shelters, and charities to distribute.
  • Working with employment agencies to hire diverse staff including seniors and those with disabilities.
  • Making space available in stores for local clubs and groups to meet.

Savers stores are also active supporters of the arts, education, and children’s welfare groups. Store managers have flexibility to back causes important in their neighborhood. This local support strengthens Savers ties and integrates the stores into each community.

Future Expansion Plans

Savers continues growing its presence across the United States each year. Areas of focus for new store openings include:

  • California – Opening 2 to 3 new locations in underserved markets.
  • Northeast – Plans to add stores in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.
  • Midwest – Targeting Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio for further expansion.
  • South – More stores slated for Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina.
  • Northwest – Expanding reach in Oregon and Idaho.
  • Florida – Opening several new stores in this growing state.

Savers aims to concentrated growth in these higher density regions. But the company does sometimes open isolated new stores to reach smaller towns with no Savers presence currently. With millions of loyal customers and a successful 50+ year track record, expect to see Savers keep growing for decades to come.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key points covered about Savers stores in America:

  • Savers originated in the UK in 1954 and quickly became the country’s largest thrift store chain.
  • The first US Savers store opened in 1991 in Washington state.
  • Through acquisitions and organic growth, Savers spread across America and now has about 320 stores.
  • Shopping at Savers provides a fun treasure hunt experience with changing inventory.
  • The stores offer steep discounts on clothing, accessories, furniture, housewares, and more.
  • Savers aims to be a community partner supporting local non-profits and outreach.
  • Further expansion is planned in states across the US in coming years.


Savers originated across the pond in the UK, but has successfully crossed over to America. With hundreds of stores across 26 states and counting, Savers brings its signature bargains on secondhand goods to US shoppers from coast to coast. The next time you’re looking for some thrifting excitement, head to your local Savers where unexpected finds and friendly service await. Savers stores have become treasured institutions in communities all across America.

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