How do I fix the endless reboot trick on the Apple logo?

What causes the Apple logo reboot trick?

The endless reboot trick on the Apple logo is caused by a few different issues. The most common reasons are:

  • Corrupted system files – If your Mac has corrupted system files, it may get stuck in a reboot loop when trying to load the operating system.
  • Third party kernel extensions – Some third party kernel extensions can conflict with macOS and cause boot issues.
  • Faulty RAM – Corrupted RAM modules can lead to kernel panics on boot which causes the reboot.
  • Hard drive issues – If the hard drive has errors or is failing, it could interrupt the boot process.
  • Power issues – Intermittent power supply problems can cause random reboots during the boot process.

Essentially any component that is required for a successful system boot could potentially trigger the endless reboot if it has issues. The operating system gets partially loaded, hits an error, and then reboots repeatedly.

How to diagnose the cause of the reboot trick

Diagnosing the exact cause of the endless reboot loop takes some troubleshooting:

  • Listen for startup tones – Any abnormal or altered startup tones could indicate hardware issues.
  • Check hardware connections – Reseat RAM and cables to rule out a loose connection.
  • Boot into Safe Mode – If able to load Safe Mode, it likely rules out some causes.
  • Boot from external drive – This checks if the system can load properly from external media.
  • Reset NVRAM – Clears out potential corrupted NVRAM settings.
  • Run Apple Diagnostics – Checks for issues with RAM, logic board, and drives.
  • Check Console logs – Logs may provide details on what component failed.

These steps help narrow down what exactly might be causing the infinite looping behavior during boot.

Fixing common causes of the Apple logo reboot trick

Once you’ve diagnosed the probable cause, here are some fixes for the common culprits:

Corrupted system files

  • Boot to Recovery OS and run Disk Utility to verify/repair disk errors.
  • Reinstall macOS while preserving data to replace corrupted files.
  • Erase and cleanly install macOS if needed for full system reset.

Third party kernel extensions

  • Boot to Safe Mode and find/remove problematic kernel extensions.
  • Clear out /Library/Extensions folder and reboot.

Faulty RAM

  • Run Apple Diagnostics RAM test to identify bad RAM stick.
  • Swap/replace the bad RAM module.

Hard drive issues

  • Run Disk Utility to check drive for errors and attempt repair.
  • Boot to external drive to isolate drive as cause.
  • Backup data and reinstall macOS on drive.
  • Replace disk if it is failing mechanically.

Power supply issues

  • Check, reseat, or replace power cable connections.
  • Try different power outlet in case it is intermittently dropping power.
  • Test with known good power cable and adapter if possible.
  • Have Apple technician examine and test power supply.

Addressing the specific hardware or software issue causing the problem should stop the constant reboot loop. Be sure to fully backup data first before trying fixes like reinstalling macOS or replacing hardware.

How to recover data from the endless reboot loop

If the Mac is stuck in the endless reboot cycle, how do you recover your critical data before attempting repairs? Here are some options:

  • Boot to Recovery OS – This may allow backup to external drive.
  • Use Target Disk Mode – Connect Mac to another Mac and access drive.
  • Remove hard drive – Connect drive externally to another system.
  • Boot to installer USB – Reboot holding Option key and backup data to external drive.
  • Take to Apple Store – They can often boot system and recover data.

The key is getting the drive mounted on another working system so you can copy data to an external hard drive. Worst case, you may need to remove the physical drive from the Mac and connect it using a SATA to USB adapter or enclosure.

How to prevent the Apple logo reboot trick

Some best practices can help avoid the endless reboot loop in the future:

  • Keep macOS and applications updated.
  • Only install trusted third party kernel extensions.
  • Use a UPS to protect against power fluctuations.
  • Monitor logs for early warnings of hardware issues.
  • Perform regular Time Machine backups.
  • Keep up on regular preventive maintenance.
  • Consider AppleCare warranty for critical Macs.

Proactively monitoring for and addressing potential issues can keep your Mac in good shape and avoid system file corruption that leads to boot problems.


Fixing the frustrating Apple logo reboot trick requires first diagnosing what underlying hardware or software issue is causing the problem. Corrupted system files, kernel extensions conflicts, faulty RAM, hard drive errors, and power supply problems are common culprits. Getting the Mac to boot into Safe Mode or from an external drive can aid troubleshooting. Once the cause is found, remedies include repairing drive errors, reinstalling macOS, replacing faulty hardware components, and removing problematic kernel extensions. Be sure to backup data first before making repairs. Following best practices for maintenance and prevention can help avoid the issue in the future.

Cause Diagnosis Fixes Prevention
Corrupted system files Boot into Safe Mode
  • Repair disk in Recovery
  • Reinstall macOS
Regular backups
Kernel extensions Isolate extensions
  • Remove bad extensions
  • Clear /Library/Extensions
Only install trusted extensions
Faulty RAM Apple Diagnostics Replace RAM stick Monitor logs for errors
Hard drive errors Disk Utility
  • Repair disk
  • Replace drive
Perform preventive maintenance
Power supply Check connections
  • Reseat cables
  • Replace power supply
Use UPS for clean power

Key Takeaways

  • Diagnose the specific hardware or software trigger for the reboot loop.
  • Boot to Safe Mode or external drive to troubleshoot and recover data.
  • Repair disk errors, reinstall macOS, replace faulty hardware as needed.
  • Prevention involves maintenance, backups, and installing trusted extensions.

Following the step-by-step troubleshooting tips and fixes outlined here will help resolve the frustrating Apple logo reboot trick and get your Mac booted up properly again. Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips for fixing the endless reboot loop issue.

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