How do I transfer videos from my GoPro to my hard drive?

Transferring videos from your GoPro to a hard drive allows you to free up space on your camera’s memory card and store your footage on a larger capacity device. Here are the steps to transfer GoPro videos to an external hard drive:

Connect the GoPro and External Hard Drive

First, you need to connect both your GoPro and the external hard drive to your computer.

– For the GoPro, remove the memory card from the camera and insert it into your computer’s memory card reader or a connected external card reader.

– Connect the external hard drive to your computer via USB port. Make sure the hard drive is formatted properly to be detected by your operating system.

Access the GoPro Folder on Your Computer

Once connected, access the folder on your computer that contains the GoPro videos.

– For Windows, this is usually under the path This PC > Removable Disk > DCIM > GoPro Folder.

– For Mac, open Finder and look for the Removable Disk with the DCIM folder.

This folder contains all your GoPro video files.

Copy and Paste the Videos

With both the GoPro folder and external hard drive open on your computer, you can now copy and paste the video files.

– On Windows, right click on each video file and select Copy from the menu. Then right click inside the hard drive folder and choose Paste.

– On Mac, click and drag the video files from the GoPro folder window into the hard drive folder window.

Copying the files transfers them from your GoPro to the external hard drive.

Safely Eject the Devices

Once the transfer is complete, safely eject both devices from your computer before disconnecting them.

– On Windows, click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the taskbar and select Eject for each device.

– On Mac, right click the device icon on desktop or in Finder and select Eject.

This ensures the write process is completed before disconnecting the devices.

Edit Videos from the Hard Drive

With your GoPro videos now saved on the external hard drive, you can edit them directly from this location on your video editing software. The external hard drive allows larger storage capacity for the HD video files compared to the GoPro’s memory card.

Just make sure the hard drive is connected to your computer when launching your video editor to access the files. The external storage gives you more flexibility when editing lengthy GoPro footage.

Free Up Space on Your GoPro

Once you’ve safely transferred all your videos to the external hard drive, you can delete them from your GoPro’s memory card.

Insert the card back into your camera, access the delete option in settings, and permanently erase the video files to free up storage space. Your footage will be stored and accessible on the external hard drive.


Transferring GoPro videos to an external hard drive allows you to free up camera storage space while keeping your footage stored safely in one place. Simply connect both devices to your computer, copy and paste the video files from the GoPro folder to the hard drive folder, safely eject the devices, and delete the files from your camera’s memory card. The external hard drive will provide expanded capacity for editing and accessing all your amazing GoPro videos!

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