Why can’t i sign into Apple Music iPhone?

There are a few common reasons why you may be unable to sign into Apple Music on your iPhone:

Incorrect Apple ID Password

The most obvious reason is that you are entering an incorrect password for your Apple ID. Apple Music requires you to sign in with your Apple ID and password. If the password you are entering is wrong, you will get an error saying the Apple ID or password is incorrect. To fix this:

– Reset your Apple ID password if you have forgotten it
– Make sure you are typing the password correctly and that autocorrect is not changing it
– Check that caps lock is not accidentally enabled
– If you have multiple Apple IDs, ensure you are using the credentials for the ID associated with your Apple Music subscription

Two-Factor Authentication Enabled

If you have two-factor authentication enabled for your Apple ID, you will need to enter a verification code sent to your trusted device or phone number after entering your password. This extra security step prevents unauthorized access to your account. To get the verification code and complete the sign-in process:

– Check for a notification on your trusted device and enter the code displayed
– If prompted, enter the phone number used for two-factor authentication to receive the verification code via text message or phone call
– Once you enter the latest code, Apple Music sign in should succeed

Connectivity Issues

Network connectivity problems like no internet connection or weak Wi-Fi signals can also prevent Apple Music login on iPhone. Check the following:

– Enable Wi-Fi on your iPhone and connect to a working network
– Try switching to a cellular data connection temporarily if Wi-Fi is unstable
– Confirm internet is working on your iPhone by loading websites or running a speed test
– Restart any routers, modems, or other network equipment if connectivity seems slow

Once you have an active internet connection, Apple Music sign in should start working.

Outdated Software

Using outdated versions of iOS or the Apple Music app can sometimes lead to problems signing in. Apple may require you to update to the latest versions to access Apple Music and your account.

– On your iPhone, open Settings -> General -> Software Update to check for and install the newest iOS version
– In the App Store app, check for any available updates to the Apple Music app and update if needed
– After updating iOS and Apple Music, try signing in again

This will ensure you are running the most recent software compatible with Apple’s login servers. Sign in issues caused by outdated software will typically be resolved.

Corrupt Local Data

In rare cases, corrupted or damaged files stored locally on your iPhone could stop Apple Music from working properly. Clearing this data and forcing the apps to re-sync your account information again often fixes the problem:

– On your iPhone, open Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings to clear any network-related data
– You can also try Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Location & Privacy to start fresh without location data
– As a last resort, you can back up your iPhone and choose Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings to factory reset the device
– Once your iPhone reboots after the resets, try signing into Apple Music again

Resetting the phone clears out any problematic data that may be interfering with Apple Music login and syncing.

Account Restrictions

In some cases, Apple may place restrictions on your Apple ID that prevent signing into Apple Music and other services. This could happen if your account is temporarily locked for security reasons, you have payment issues, or for other policy violations. Check for any alerts or emails from Apple about the restriction and then contact Apple Support to identify and resolve the underlying issue.

Detailed Steps to Fix Apple Music Sign In on iPhone

If you are still unable to sign into Apple Music on your iPhone after reviewing the common reasons above, follow these more detailed troubleshooting steps:

Step 1: Check Apple ID Password

– Open the Apple Music app and tap the profile icon
– Tap Sign Out to ensure you are not logged into a different Apple ID
– Tap Sign In and enter your Apple ID email/username
– Carefully type in your password and double check that it is correct
– If you cannot remember the password, use a trusted device like a Mac or iPad to reset your Apple ID password at https://iforgot.apple.com
– Retry signing in using the new password

Step 2: Confirm Two-Factor Authentication Code

If your account has two-factor authentication setup:

– After entering your password, look for a verification code popup on any trusted signed-in Apple devices
– If prompted, enter the phone number used for two-factor and request the code via text or call
– Enter the latest 6-digit verification code at the prompt to complete sign in

Step 3: Connect iPhone to Working Network

To rule out any connectivity issues:

– Open Settings -> Wi-Fi and connect your iPhone to a stable Wi-Fi network
– If Wi-Fi is not available, enable Cellular Data temporarily under Settings -> Cellular
– Run a speed test using a site like fast.com to confirm your network connection
– If speeds are slow, restart your network equipment like routers, modems, extenders
– Move closer to your Wi-Fi router or access point if the signal is weak

Step 4: Update iOS Software

To ensure your iPhone system software is up to date:

– Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update
– Install any available iOS updates and wait for your iPhone to finish rebooting
– Check the App Store for updates to the Apple Music app
– Update the Apple Music app to the latest version

Step 5: Reset Network Settings

If software is up to date, try resetting network settings:

– Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings
– This will clear any problematic network configs or caches without erasing data
– Sign into Wi-Fi and Apple Music app again once network resets

Step 6: Reset Location & Privacy

Failing the above, reset privacy and location data:

– Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Location & Privacy
– This clears location access and returns privacy settings to factory default
– Try signing into Apple Music again after privacy reset

Step 7: Erase All Content and Settings

If still not working, erase all content and settings:

– Fully backup your iPhone data via iCloud or iTunes
– Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings
– This will factory reset your iPhone and install the latest iOS version
– Set up the iPhone again and sign into Apple Music when prompted

Step 8: Contact Apple Support

Finally, if you are still unable to get Apple Music sign in working after the above steps, contact Apple Support:

– Chat or call Apple Support for personalized help fixing Apple Music sign in issues
– Be ready to provide your Apple ID email, iPhone model, and any error messages
– Apple can further troubleshoot, identify restrictions, and restore Apple Music access if needed

Following this structured troubleshooting approach should help identify and correct whatever is preventing you from signing into Apple Music on your iPhone.

Common Apple Music Sign In Error Messages

When you are unable to sign in to Apple Music on your iPhone, you may see some common error alerts that provide hints about the underlying issue:

“Incorrect Apple ID or password”

– This generic error indicates the password you entered is wrong for the Apple ID
– Carefully re-type the password or reset your Apple ID password if forgotten

“This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons”

– Your account may be temporarily locked after too many failed login attempts
– Use a trusted device to unlock your account at https://iforgot.apple.com
– You may need to contact Apple Support to fully restore access

“This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons”

– Similarly, your Apple ID may be locked for security reasons like suspicious activity
– Request account unlock via email or trusted device at https://iforgot.apple.com
– Review any emails from Apple about the lock and contact Apple Support

“Cannot connect to Apple ID server”

– There may be a temporary outage or connectivity issue
– Try cellular data or a different Wi-Fi network to rule out network problems
– Check https://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/ for any active outages

“This Apple ID isn’t valid for Apple Music”

– The Apple ID you are using may not have an active Apple Music subscription
– Sign in with the Apple ID used to subscribe to Apple Music
– Check your Apple Music subscription status under Account Settings

“Verification code expired. Try again.”

– When using two-factor authentication, the code you entered is expired
– Resend a new verification code and enter it within 10 minutes

Following any on-screen recovery suggestions for these common sign in errors can help get Apple Music working again.

How to Prevent Apple Music Sign In Problems

While occasional Apple Music sign in problems can happen to anyone, you can take proactive measures to avoid them in the future:

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Adding an extra verification step prevents unauthorized access to your account even if someone knows your password.

Use a Password Manager

Tools like 1Password or LastPass make it easy to use long, complex, unique passwords for all your accounts. This improves security.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi for Sensitive Logins

Open and insecure public networks make it easier for attackers to intercept your login details or passwords. Use cellular data for any financial and identity logins when out and about.

Keep Software Up to Date

Always update to the latest iOS and Apple Music versions which contain the newest security, bug, and performance improvements.

Backup Your Data

Fully backing up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes ensures you have a copy of your data and can restore it if needed after troubleshooting issues.

Pay Attention to Error Messages

Read any alerts closely rather than dismissing them immediately. The messages often contain clues about the specific cause of the problem.

Contact Apple Support When Needed

Apple’s customer service team has specialized tools and insight for debugging account and app issues. Seek help sooner rather than later.

Following best practices for account security, software updates, backups, and troubleshooting will help minimize the chances of problems signing into Apple Music and other services. But occasional issues may still occur given the complexity of Apple IDs, iPhones, and internet ecosystems. Have patience, systematically walk through different solutions, and request assistance if you continue struggling to sign in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Apple Music keep asking me to sign in?

If Apple Music repeatedly prompts you to sign in, it usually indicates your login session is expiring frequently. This can happen due to poor network connectivity, software bugs, or changes to your Apple ID password or two-factor authentication settings. Try toggling airplane mode, reinstalling the app, and signing out and back in using your latest Apple ID credentials.

Why does Apple Music say my password is wrong when I know it’s right?

Double check that autocorrect is not altering your typed password. Also try manually typing the password instead of using passwords saved in your iPhone. If the issue persists, reset your Apple ID password in case unauthorized changes were made.

Why won’t Apple Music accept my Apple ID password?

If your password is flagged as weak or compromised, Apple may force you to change it before signing in. The “Change Password” screen means your current password cannot be used anymore. Click it and reset your password to something stronger that you have not used elsewhere.

How do I sign out of Apple Music when it says I’m not signed in?

This confusing error happens when your local Apple Music app loses sync with your account online. Force quit the Apple Music app, restart your iPhone, then launch Apple Music again and sign in from scratch. This will resync everything.

What should I do if I forgot my Apple ID password?

Go to https://iforgot.apple.com from any browser and follow the steps to reset your Apple ID password. You can start the reset process from a trusted signed-in device or use your phone number for two-factor verification to receive a verification code. This process lets you create a brand new password.


Apple Music sign in problems on your iPhone can be frustrating, but are typically solvable with a bit of focused troubleshooting. Reset any incorrect passwords, confirm two-factor codes are entering properly, switch to stable network connections, update your software, and clear up any corrupted data using the reset options. For most users, following the structured steps outlined here will get Apple Music login working again so you can get back to enjoying your music library. If issues continue, Apple’s customer support team can also provide individualized help getting your account back up and running. With persistence and patience, you will be rocking out in Apple Music in no time.

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